Global Export & Services

We currently export to dozens of countries worldwide, including North America, Caribbean, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa. Our regulatory team has intricate knowledge and experience with import regulations and documentary requirements of many different countries.

Our insight into regulatory compliance can help you position yourself to enter into new and emerging markets. We are experienced in conforming to the import regulations of many different countries. We provide the necessary dossiers, certifications and documents allowing you to swiftly register new products in your desired markets.

With over 25 years of rich international experience, our team has the expertise to you in the registration phases of the products and to solve the complex regulatory puzzle with innovative and customized solutions.

Our services include any required notarization, apostiles, US State Department certification, country Embassy authentication or legalization of:

  Authorization Letters
  Certificate of Free Sale
  G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate
  Certificate of Analysis
  Specification Sheets
  Ingredient Statements
  Manufacturing Flow Charts
  Quality Control Procedure
  Analytical Method

Our strong team of dedicated professionals with many years of industry and agency experience, will competently tailor the project plans to meet different country regulatory requirements. We have built a successful track record of obtaining timely approvals.