We are committed to packaging that optimizes customer satisfaction. We constantly consult with our customers and distributors to gather inputs when developing and finalizing their packaging, case and pallet specifications, to deliver value at all points of the product supply chain. Our packaging division comprises of five full line cGMP packaging suites which provides us with packaging capacity that exceeds our production. A key service is our ability to customize labeling to comply with the requirements of the health departments of individual countries.
We offer a wide variety of regular and special packaging options:

  Bottles & Closures - wide variety of materials, sizes and configurations
  Induction Sealing
  Cartons for Bottles and other specialized packaging
  Single and Multi Dose Packaging
  Shrink sleeve labeling
  Bottles mounted on display cards
  Inner unit packaging

Our quality packaging ensures that all products are guaranteed for quality, potency & purity. Our graphics department supports you with label development and package design. We work with

various industry specific and specialty printers to produce high quality printed packaging materials.