Welcome to Kingston Pharmaceuticals

Kingston is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer healthcare products that are comparable in safety, quality and effectiveness to national and international brands. Store brand and private label products must meet the same U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") requirements as national brands within the US, and the requirements of comparable regulatory bodies outside the US. We are primarily focused on the manufacture of liquid dose over-the-counter (OTC) store brand and private label products, including cough, cold, and allergy products, analgesics, gastrointestinal products and nutraceuticals in an US FDA registered facility in the USA. Our mission is delivering high-quality store brand and private label OTC products under US FDA guidelines to the retail shelves at affordable prices to consumers.

Our nutraceuticals and food supplements include pediatric electrolytes, vitamins & mineral supplements and Sports nutritionals. Our Homeopathic, Natural and Herbal products cater not only to Nutritional Supplement and Energy Shots categories but also to common ailment segments like cough & colds, ear and eye relievers. Our OTC products are available to consumers at sensible prices, as store brands and private label products, at various retail outlets throughout the United States and the international markets.

Our consumer healthcare products, in store brand and private label products are sold to retailers at a lower cost than that of comparable national and international brand products. Given the fact that the retailers’ dollar profit per unit of store brand product is greater than that of the comparable national brand products, the retailer can price their store brand product below the competing national brand product and still realize a greater profit margin. For our Wholesale Distributorrs and retailers, our store brand products generate substantially more profit than the national and international brands and also offer great value to the customers. The consumer benefits by receiving a high quality product at a price 20% - 40% below the comparable national or international brand product. As a result, our business model helps drive efficiency in the healthcare market.

We continue to strive to:

  Create long term value to RETAILERS in their categories.
  Build indispensable and rewarding relationships with GLOBAL PARTNERS.
  Deliver quality products to CONSUMERS that help them live better.

We built our reputation on producing and delivering high quality medicines consistently meeting or exceeding industry practices and global regulatory standards. Our customers express confidence in us providing the best product and packaging platforms to deliver safe, effective and quality medicines to suit their market needs. We take great care in preserving this confidence placed in us. Quality has always been, and will always be, at the forefront of everything we do.